Your new home is waiting

I am fully invested in helping people understand their real estate situation, like the details of a property value and what the market is doing today. I provide my clients answers to their questions – and when I don’t have the answer I’ll say so, and tell them let me get that for you, and I do.

Some years ago when done helping my sister list and sell her Seattle home and then purchase another, I decided to leave Seattle, return to Skagit County and buy a house. While Seattle is a fabulous city, it outgrew me. In first returning to Skagit I thought about what to do with myself. I was talking to a friend who followed me through the buying and selling of the real estate transactions for my sister and myself and suggested I do that.

So… I tried it and he was right. I’d fallen into a career I cherish.

If you are considering buying or selling a home, allow me to help you.

It's All About The Home.